A New Challenge!

A New Challenge!

I confess that I avoided exhaustively talking about the pandemic. Many reported and took a position on one of the most difficult moments in human history. On the other hand, I was not sure about the contribution that my positions would offer to my followers. When in doubt, I sought silence, caution, took advantage of the isolation to rethink my relationship with myself, with work, with friends, with family, with the world before and after the pandemic. In a short time of reflection I discovered that I would have to reinvent myself again, just as I have been doing since childhood until today. From an early age – by instinct, nature, essence or inclination – I noticed that life was dynamic, nothing was static, that living is but moving towards your dreams. My reaction to natural or provoked changes always adapts. Exact! With a constant sense of adaptability, I resisted, survived and reacted to adversities and challenges that often presented themselves as invincible and insurmountable. 

My bistro was one of the regrettable losses and damages I had in this pandemic. Placing the closed plate represented an abrupt cut in something that I idealized for a long time until I managed to achieve it.
My bistro is a charming place, entirely decorated by me, intimate, full of personality. 

I created the space for different personalities, people looking for gastronomic, visual and, above all, intimate and personal experiences. There’s a little house there. From our house. While decorating it was that feeling of home that stood out. I’m an executive, I don’t know how to fry an egg and I decide to create a bistro. Apparently it is unreasonable, but my travels around the world brought a sense of the glamor and beauty that exists in the cuisine of each place. Gastronomy is identity, it reveals the face of a people, it brings joy, the desire to meet with others. The idea of ​​the bistro was born from this sudden passion for the table in each country. One day I arrived at my bistro, looked at it for a long time and thought: “I definitely give up on this place or reinvent myself to keep it up”. Without a doubt I decided to reinvent myself, bring a new Tacito Cury to the scene and rearrange everything so that life would return to its rhythm again. I wasn’t going to hire a chef, but to be one to bring the best of universal cuisine to my bistro’s future customers. 

I enrolled in all Le Cordon Bleu courses, went through a selection process, was approved and decided that I would be a respectable chef even though I had no culinary skills to favor my decision.
The course is highly respectable, I will have contact with the best in the field and with my utmost attention and dedication I will again be a man of my time, reinvented, strong, ready to keep what I have built.

That’s me and I can’t and shouldn’t betray myself. Since I was a child I knew that I was destined for goals and being a chef is another goal that I set and that in the end I will achieve the success I hope for.
I am ready for another challenge and I want to count on the presence of all of you on this new journey. 

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